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Vision Xo Dh

XO Vision tvíhenda 13,6 feta lina 8

129.000 kr

The rods are extremely light, sensitive but still powerful modern mid-action DH rods with exceptionally fast recovery speed. They have the same major high-quality components as Vision Flyfishing have in our single-hand XO rods, but they have some modifications needed for DH rods. Those include for example a secure, easy-to-use reel seat for handling bigger and heavier salmon reels and clear markings indicating suitable Ace shooting heads and Ace Skagit lines. They have the same elegant rod tubes and cloths as the single-hand rods. They come with an exceptionally good customer care. So if you want to get a premium rod to last a life-time, the XO DH rod is definitely a great choice.

• Unsanded & unpainted blank for the best action
• Novel silica nano resin combined with a unique carbon fibre mix
• Finnish Curly Birch wooden insert
• Down-locking precision machined aluminium reel seat
• AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork reinforcements
• Patented single leg REC nickel titanium alloy guides
• Titanium stripping guides from American Tackle Co.
• Custom aluminium tube with engraved metal caps + cloth bag
• Designed and developed in Finland